Wool and especially Merino wool, not an ordinary wool !

The fibers of our "Est à Laine Mérinos" sheep are a little less fine than those well known

from Australian Merinos etc.... but are more fluffy, elastic and ethical.

100% French Wool

Soft, light, flexible and silky, Merino wool offers incomparable comfort and is suitable for the most sensitive skins. Under a microscope this textile fiber is three times finer than the traditional wool, which is why this 100% natural fiber does not "itch".

Pleasant to knit, it is also particularly appreciated by sportsmen and hikers for its lightness, its thermoregulatory properties and its ability to wick away moisture effectively.

And finally, merino wool clothing is beautiful, chic and elegant to wear, and will last for many years.


Wool reacts continuously to fluctuations of body heat, which is both highly insulating and temperature-regulating.

Its molecular structure allows it to retain heat in cold weather and keeps the skin fresh in hot weather.


This wool consists of fibers that can capture about 80% of their own weight in air, and air trapped in clothing or between clothing is the key to staying warm. 

Wool keeps warm in a very light way. The density of wool is 20 kg per cubic meter.

Natural Wool


Wool has a natural ability to breathe and can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture due to its hydrophilic core. The water is absorbed by the fibers themselves, allowing air to circulate.

Water passes from fiber to fiber by capillary action to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates, resulting in a feeling of comfort throughout the day.


Merino wool, even when wet, does not make your back feel cold. Allied to sportsmen because it insulates from the cold while evacuating humidity.


No other fiber offers such a feeling of well-being.

Wool fiber


The main component of wool fibre is a protein: keratin, (like our hair and nails). This means that the wool does not produce any known allergies. Possible irritations with wool are due to mechanical friction when the wool is not thin enough. Merino wool is suitable for all skin types, even those prone to eczema.


Knit merino wool

Pleasant also in summer

Merino wool is insulating so it also protects you from heat. It regulates the body temperature, providing you with natural air conditioning.


Compared to other fibers, it offers better natural protection against ultraviolet light. The natural properties of the fibers are used to channel moisture away from the body and insulate against extreme temperatures.


Light and pleasant to wear, merino wool will be a soft comfort for cool summer evenings, hiking etc....


Natural wool

La toison d'Or  " The Golden Fleece "

Local Mérino Wool
Pure Merino Wool


We all have memories of wool sweaters that itch and scratch!!!!!??


Merino wool is so fine that it does not itch, of exceptional softness, its fibers are short (from 30 to 120 mm) and very fine from 18 to 27 microns (three times finer than a hair). Traditional wool can go up to 80 microns. Above 30 microns, wool causes itching.

Merino wool is an ideal wool,  which does not irritate the skin of babies or adults!

Baby Merino - Soft wool


Wool has the ability to naturally regulate temperature and humidity, which increases the quality of sleep.


Studies show that merino wool improves the sleep rhythm of babies (and adults) with a 25% more regenerative sleep. Nothing beats a merino wool blanket, to sleep like a baby.

Natural wool from the farm

Goodbye Stinky Socks!!!!!

The complex chemical structure of the merino fibre also has a natural antibacterial power that does not retain odours. In all seasons, in all weathers, whether you are a baroudeur, an adventurer, whether you go on a hike for 3 days without being able to do laundry..., this fiber allows you to do intense physical activity without leaving any smell of sweating.

Merino wool is the preferred wool of active people!



Wool remains easily clean: Indeed, it is a low generator of static electricity, so it does not retain dust. Simply ventilating the wool garment will be enough to bring it back to its original freshness.

Local wool sweater

Elasticity... another strength!

Merino wool is naturally very elastic, its fibers are like small coiled springs, returning to their original position after each movement. This way your clothes will maintain in shape.

Campaign for the "Eastern" French Merino wool.